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Our online tool allows you to merge multiple PDFs into a single document for free. No downloads required.
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Getting started

With our online tool, combining PDFs is a cinch. To get started, simply drag and drop PDFs into the box above. Click Choose File if you’d like to add more documents.

Arrange your PDFs

You can change the order of the documents or add more PDFs in a few clicks. After uploading your PDFs, you can delete or rearrange them according to your needs.

Completely free of charge

AltoMergePDF is a service that doesn’t charge any fees. No more paid software! With AltoMergePDF you can quickly merge PDFs online without paying a penny.

Securely merge PDFs

We have established strong encryption to protect your documents while they’re being uploaded and merged. We also delete your PDFs from our server after they’re processed.

Runs on every OS

AltoMergePDF is a web-based tool that’s compatible with all major operating systems including iOS, Linux and Windows. All you need to merge PDFs is an internet-connected device.

Use the cloud to merge PDFs

Our app tackles the problem of running out of storage space on your device. All the tools you need to merge PDFs are available in the cloud and can be used at any time.

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Our service empowers more than two million customers to easily merge PDF documents online annually.


People all over the world prefer PDF as their documentation format of choice. Only PDFs can deliver compact and easily downloadable documents for any device that can be password protected and run on any operating system. That's why we've created AltoMergePDF – an online service that allows users to combine PDFs for free.

For those who deal with PDF documents on a daily basis, we’ve created a free online app. AltoMergePDF allows users to combine up to five PDFs into a single document from any internet-connected device.

How It Works

  • To get started, click on the Choose file button and select up to five PDF documents that you’d like to merge. Or you can simply drag and drop PDFs to be merged into the box.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your PDF documents you can change the order or delete unnecessary files. In the same way you can add more PDFs before you proceed.
  • Now you’re ready to merge your PDFs. When finished, you’ll be able to download a single PDF document that you can edit, share or print out.

AltoMergePDF is an easy-to-use tool that lets you work with your favorite document format even when on-the-go. Whether you’re creating and completing invoices or sending valuable information, AltoMergePDF ensures fast and quality merging of your PDFs.