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With our online tool, combining PDFs is a cinch. To get started, simply drag and drop PDFs into the box above. Click Choose File if you’d like to add more documents.

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You can change the order of the documents or add more PDFs in a few clicks. After uploading your PDFs, you can delete or rearrange them according to your needs.

Completely free of charge

AltoMergePDF is a service that doesn’t charge any fees. No more paid software! With AltoMergePDF you can quickly merge PDFs online without paying a penny.

Securely merge PDFs

We have established strong encryption to protect your documents while they’re being uploaded and merged. We also delete your PDFs from our server after they’re processed.

Runs on every OS

AltoMergePDF is a web-based tool that’s compatible with all major operating systems including iOS, Linux and Windows. All you need to merge PDFs is an internet-connected device.

Use the cloud to merge PDFs

Our app tackles the problem of running out of storage space on your device. All the tools you need to merge PDFs are available in the cloud and can be used at any time.


File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a popular file extension that was first introduced in 1993 by Adobe Systems. PDF appeared as a platform-independent solution which would allow users to view and share documents easily regardless of device types and operating systems. Another useful feature of this format is that it uses a fixed page layout.
Technical Details: A PDF file may contain a variety of content, including text blocks, graphic information, and interactive fields such as buttons, hyperlinks, bookmarks, etc. It also contains information about the fonts used in the document, and thus, PDF files always appear the same when documents are exchanged between users working on different computers.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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Customer Questions and Answers

I have over a dozen scanned PDFs which I want to combine into a single document. How do I do this with my Windows PC?
Well, your task is almost done! You’ve already saved your scanned copies as pdfs, now all you need to do is find a proper online tool to process them into a single file. Go to and simply upload your scans. I’ve never seen such a handy program!
By Peter on May 29, 2018
Is there a way I could merge my PDF files to a single document? One more thing is that I need my new file to be password protected.
Of course there is! But be careful, there’s a whole bunch of equally useless sites and apps out there. Better check out this one: Here you can make all kinds of edits to your newly created pdf, including, of course, the password protection.
By Martha on April 14, 2018
I need a software to merge multiple PDFs into a single file. Are there any free programs?
AltoMergePDF runs on all internet connected devices. It's free and secure. Upload your files and merge them in a few minutes.
By Joshua on March 08, 2018
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Our service empowers more than two million customers to easily merge PDF documents online annually.


How to Merge PDF Files

Today digital document management has become more popular than ever. People prefer saving and storing documents on their devices. This allows for important files to be accessible anywhere and anytime. In some cases you may need to make changes to your PDFs. In the past you had to print them out and create new documents by copy-pasting or typing the information all over again. Since technologies are constantly improving, on today's market there is a number of powerful tools that give you the ability to not only edit but also transform PDFs in different ways such as:

  • split them into separate units
  • merge them into a single file
  • convert to other formats like JPG, PNG, PPT, Word or Excel
  • rotate pages, etc.

Imagine a situation where you need to immediately combine several files and you don't have much time to scan them or don't have the appropriate equipment. With today's advanced online mergers, this is no longer an issue. Now you can easily create a single doc from several PDFs instantly, even while on the go.

How to Combine and Merge Files into One PDF?

Nowadays the market is overwhelmed by choice and sometimes it can be difficult to find the best tool, especially if you’re a first-time user. If you are hesitating to make a choice, look through the pros and cons of digital merging services:

  1. no need to download and install any additional software to change your documents or use storage space on your device
  2. most of them can be used completely for free
  3. intuitive and convenient interface that allows you to combine PDFs with ease
  4. step-by-step instructions with a logical sequence
  5. fast processing of your files without any worry of their security
  6. compatibility with all major OS’s such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS
  7. optimization for mobile devices
  8. ability to merge pdf documents into one and store them in a cloud
  9. automatically updated features
  10. ability to edit a merged file according to your needs

The only thing you have to take into account is having a stable internet-connection.

According to the above-mentioned information, online PDF mergers are user-friendly. To get the desired result, you only need to complete a few simple steps:

  • first, open the specific online tool
  • after that, upload the units you want to merge from your device or cloud storage to a drag and drop box
  • once you’ve finished, click the “Start now” button to combine the pages
  • finally, download the newly created PDF to your computer, smartphone or tablet or save it to cloud storage
  • continue editing if necessary

How to merge PDF files without Acrobat?

If you opt for a digital service to merge your PDF files, you are definitely making the right choice.

  1. A document can be transformed in seconds without any supplementary applications.
  2. Moreover, online tools ensure the security of your PDFs.
  3. The online service features an encrypted connection for securely uploading and transferring files.
  4. All units are automatically deleted from a server after they`ve been processed.