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The goal is to make the best five-card poker hand using any combination of the seven cards dealt with you.

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The objective is to bet on the hand that you think will have the highest total value.

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You simply bet on a number, color, or group of numbers and hope that the corresponding symbols line up on the reels.

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Are They Cheating You? We Tell You How To Identify It

Your suspicions can be useful for security to remove the crafty person from the place and thus the rest of the bettors and you can play calmly

You who are a good gambler, know that the main objective of casino games is that you have fun. However, there are some bettors who try so hard to win that they resort to dirty tricks to achieve it. To prevent cheaters from ruining your experience, here are some signs that there might be one on your table. Who knows? Maybe you could even become the hero of the night by unmasking them with the security of the place.

Avert Your Gaze

According to non-verbal language , when someone lies it is difficult for them to hold their gaze. The same is true if someone is cheating, as they fear they will get caught red-handed. If you notice someone at the poker table looking in different directions before making his move, and when he realizes you are looking at him, he just crouches down, it is quite likely that he is cheating.

Take The Cards Strangely

Even when you are playing with your friends you must pay close attention. Handymen are never lacking, especially when there is a bet involved . Some even make small marks on the cards (scratches with their fingernail, a little crease or even a little wrinkle), to get an idea of ​​what is in the bank and what the other players have. Obviously if they take the cards in a fan, there is no way they will play you dirty, but if you suddenly see that they are squeezing them too much or that they are lowering them too much, perhaps it is because there is a cat locked up there.

Makes Weird Gestures

The most common way to cheat in casinos is with the help of a partner. While one is sitting playing, the other “casually” looms around while glancing at the opponent’s cards. In order for the latter to let him know who is playing the cards that others have, he must signal him, although the deception professionals even wear tiny headphones. If you notice that one of the bettors is seeing too much of those behind the other players and / or making strange gestures, possibly someone is passing valuable information to them.

He Meets Someone At The End

This has to do with the previous point. The casino cheater is likely to be a master of deception and you never notice that he is gesturing or looking away. But if after one or more games, he meets someone who was not close to him in the entire time he was in the casino , the chances of them hiding something are quite high.

Wear Too Many Clothes

The reason dealers often wear short-sleeved shirts with no pockets is to avoid cheating or being blamed for doing so. Although it seems cliché, there are people who tend to apply that ” AS up their sleeve “. Whether they hide good cards in their clothes to build a winning hand or they hide some that are left behind, cheater clothes can be your best allies. Not for judgment or style, but if you notice that someone is wearing unusual clothing that is too bulky, with many pockets or pleats, perhaps you should pay special attention.

We hope you do not throw our advice on deaf ears, because although most casinos have very good security to avoid situations like these, with so many players, the cheater of the place could escape. Fortunately for you, in online casinos you don’t have to deal with these things, so you can feel the adrenaline whenever you want with complete peace of mind.